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***JIN-Ryaku no Maki - Der dritte Band der Ten-Chi-Jin Ryaku no Maki ist ab sofort lieferbar!***

***NEW*** The English Version of the Ten/Chi/Jin Ryaku no Maki is now in stock. Please have a look in our local-dealers web-shop or in US- or UK-ebay.

*** The English edition of the Shinden-Fudô-Ryű Jűtaijutsu is now available.(German retail-price 22,90 €, plus s&h) ***
*** The Spanish edition of the Gyokko-Ryű is now available! ***
*** The Italian edition of the Gyokko-Ryű is in stock. (German retail-price 19,90 €, plus s&h) ***
*** A Russian,Italian and Brazilian edition of the Togakure-Ryű is also in preparation ***
*** Уважаемые Будоки, мы рады сообщить Вам, что русская версия Тогакурэ-рю находится в стадии подготовки ***

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